for salaried employee form 16 (issued by your employer)
for interest income bank statement /passbook for interest on savings accounts interest income statement for fixed deposits tds certificates issued by banks or others form 26 AS
SEC 80 Investments documents relating to contribution to PF,NSC,ULIPS,ELSS,RGESS For claiming above deductions keep your self ready with following documents
  1. your contribution to provident fund
  2. your children school fee
  3. life insurance premium payment
  4. stamp duty and registration charges
  5. principal repayment on your home loan
Other investment documents
  1. Interest paid on housing loan for self occupied house ( can save tax upto rs. 200000/-)
  2. Education loan interest payments
  3. Stock trading statement( they may be taxed under capital gains)
Having Capital Gain Income
  1. Sale and Purchase deed of the property including stamp valuation of the property (for land/building)
  2. Documents for cost of improvement on the property (if improvement is done)
  3. Stock statement in case of trading in shares etc. (specifying sale and purchase value of shares)
  4. In case of other capital assest the cost of purchase, sale value and cost of improvement if any
  5. Details of expense incurred on transfer
  6. Re-investment purchase deed for claiming exemption from Capital Gains
  7. Details of investment in Capital Gains Accounts Scheme
Having House property Income
  1. Address of the property
  2. Co-owner details (if property is co-owned)
  3. Interest certificate issued by bank for housing loan
  4. Rent details